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More than 16 billion passwords have already been hacked. Find out if yours is among them.


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Recent leaks

The website for writers Wattpad, one of the 150 most visited in the world, had data from 271 million users exposed in June 2020.

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New leak11 Jun 2021
We added the leak of the Comb site of 2 billions passwords to the base of MyPwd.

Can I monitor leaks for my company accounts?

Yes!See howicons/arrow-right copy
Why should I worry?

Why should I worry?

Criminals know that many people repeat passwords in various places. For this reason, they can try to break into different websites and systems and steal personal information.

Improper purchases in e-commerce

Digital criminals look for leaked credentials to carry out fraud and improper purchases using the leaked email and password accounts.

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How we found out leaked credentials

Our artificial intelligence scans the deep web - pages that are not accessible by conventional search engines - and the dark web - pages within the deep web that are known for their relationship with criminal activities and illegal markets. We are constantly looking for evidence of the sale of databases and credit cards, illegal services and attack planning.

How we found out

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