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Terms and Privacy Policy

  • The expressions below have the following definition:

    AXUR: Axur, INC with principal place of business at 601 Brickell Key Drive, Suite 901, Miami, Florida 33131.

    CREDENTIALS: email and password.

    DADOS: email, location, IP address, date and time of request.

    MYPWD.IO: service consisting of a WEB platform and automatic email communication, offered by AXUR and owned, operated by and under the responsibility of AXUR.

    TERMS OF USE: this document.

    USERS or YOU: an individual who has previously registered with MYPWD.IO.

  • 2.1. This instrument governs the conditions of use of the services of MYPWD.IO, being an agreement between YOU and AXUR.


    2.3. If you DO NOT AGREE to the conditions set forth in these TERMS OF USE, DO NOT subscribe, access, view, download or otherwise use any pages, content, information or service of MYPWD.IO

  • 3.1. AXUR is a privately-owned company that offers the MYPWD.IO service, which monitors CREDENTIAL leaks and offers, through a web tool, the possibility for the USER to identify and be alerted whenever a CREDENTIAL leak is identified using the email address informed on the Internet.

    3.2. MYPWD.IO is comprised of an automated email sending service containing a CREDENTIAL leak report. For the use of MYPWD.IO the USER will complete a simple email registration through the web platform.

  • 4.1. These TERMS OF USE grant the USER a personal, revocable, non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use MYPWD.IO, and the USER may not use or permit the use of MYPWD.IO for any purpose other than as expressly provided in these TERMS OF USE. Thus, the USER shall not, under any circumstances, copy, modify, distribute, sell, assign or rent the services provided by AXUR and made viable by MYPWD.IO, under penalty of incurring the applicable losses and damages.

    4.2. AXUR will have no obligation to police or supervise the DATA or any other information provided by YOU, but may, in its sole discretion, delete the information from AXUR servers.

    4.3. AXUR is not responsible for any USER actions or omissions based on information, advertisements, videos, photos or other materials provided by AXUR. In addition, AXUR will use its best endeavors to keep MYPWD.IO’s services always up to date, complete and accurate, but shall not be liable for errors, fraud, inaccuracy, imprecision or divergence in data, videos, photos or other materials related to advertisements or the inaccuracy of the information contained and presented on MYPWD.IO.

    4.4. YOU are fully aware and agree that by providing any DATA to AXUR, YOU authorize AXUR to record and store DATA and use it for the purposes of addressing and monitoring new leaks on the web, as well as to offer, analyze, administer, improve and personalize our services and marketing efforts, to process your subscription, and for the purposes of our communication with you regarding these and other issues, as well as communication with you regarding the service so that we may send you news updates regarding AXUR, details regarding new features, special offers, promotional advertising, market surveys, and to help you with operational requests. These communications may be carried out through various means, such as email, push notifications, text messages, online messaging channels and corresponding identifier communications. Thus, AXUR will make use of the DATA in order to fulfill the purpose of MYPWD.IO as well as use such DATA as per the Privacy Policy mentioned below.

    4.5. YOU represent to be aware of and to have knowledge of the provisions contained in data protection legislation. In this sense, YOU (a) expressly consent to the processing of your DATA, either by AXUR or by third parties designated by it; (b) declare to be unequivocally aware that AXUR always processes data in compliance with legal data processing bases, especially with regard to your legitimate interest and the possible need to comply with a court order; (c) are aware of your rights as a data subject, so that any request directed to AXUR must be made within reasonable time.

    4.6. YOU must not use the services available on MYPWD.IO for any unlawful, defamatory, discriminatory, abusive, offensive, pornographic, obscene, aggressive, injurious, vexing, deceptive, slanderous, violent or vulgar purposes, or for harassing, threatening or using false identity, that is, any misuse that may harm AXUR.

    4.7. AXUR reserves the right to exclude, without consideration and without prior notice, any DATA that may violate what has been stipulated herein or the applicable legal provisions.

  • 5.1. The services provided by AXUR through MYPWD.IO are offered to individuals for free.

  • In addition to the other obligations set forth in these Terms of Use, the USER undertakes to:

    6.1. Be careful with the email address provided to AXUR whenever accessing the Internet, informing them only in operations where data protection is in place, using secure and unique passwords wherever possible for each service for which the USER registers.

    6.2. Take any other measures necessary to protect themselves from damage, including fraud or "online" fraud;

    6.3. Strictly comply with all provisions of this instrument.

    In addition, YOU may NOT

    6.4. Use MYPWD.IO in any way that may result in violation of applicable Brazilian law, AXUR and/or third-party property rights or good morals, including, without limitation, infringement of intellectual, copyright and privacy rights, or the production and dissemination of illegal, immoral, inappropriate or offensive content;

    6.5. Copy, assign, sublicense, sell, lease or pledge as collateral, reproduce, donate, dispose of in any way, transfer in whole or in part, in any form, free of charge or for valuable consideration, provisionally or permanently, the software, its modules, parts, manuals or any information relating thereto;

    6.6. Employ software, techniques and/or devices in order to misuse the website, application and/or the software for practices harmful to AXUR or others, such as, but not limited to, exploits, spamming, flooding, spoofing, crashing, root kits, etc.;

    6.7. Reproduce, adapt, modify and/or employ, in whole or in part, for any purpose, the software or any content of the website or mobile application without the express written permission of AXUR;

    6.8. Publish or transmit any file that contains viruses, worms, trojan horses, or any other contaminating or destructive programs, or that may otherwise interfere with the proper functioning of the website, mobile application, or software;

    6.9. Use the software for a purpose other than that for which it was made available by AXUR;

    6.10. Improperly disclose, use or modify the DATA of other USER(S);

    6.11. Use the software, or allow its use, for the benefit of others;

    6.12. Transmit or send information of any nature that may incite, induce or promote discriminatory attitudes, violent or criminal messages that go against good customs, morals or otherwise violate public order;

    6.13. Alter, delete and/or corrupt data and information of third parties;

    6.14. Violate the privacy of any USERS; and

    6.15. Violate intellectual property of AXUR, third parties in general, i.e. copyright, trademark, patent, etc., by reproducing material without the prior permission of the owner.

  • 7.1 The USER accepts and agrees that the registration information on MYPWD.IO is published and/or provided pursuant to this instrument.

    7.2. YOU are aware of and agree that:

    (i) any information or DATA provided by YOU is stored in a database controlled by AXUR;
    (ii) this database may be stored on servers located in countries other than the country where the USER and/or AXUR are located;
    (iii) the servers are owned and managed by service providers hired by AXUR.

    7.3. Although using computer infrastructure managed by third parties, AXUR does not authorize the use of USER(S) information by the service provider.

    7.4. AXUR always makes best efforts with regard to worldwide DATA security best practices and therefore always chooses world-leading data security service providers to curb DATA leaks or improper access. AXUR protects all USER DATA using standards of care technically and economically in accordance with current data protection legislation, given the current state of the art of the Internet. YOU acknowledge that there can be no expectation as to the total and absolute security of the Internet against website intrusion or other wrongdoing, but that AXUR, as a data processing agent, employs enormous effort and energy to make the Internet an even safer environment.

    7.5. YOU declare the unambiguous consent that AXUR will process your DATA for your interest and the protection of your information on the Internet and eventually may use your data for analytical purposes. AXUR warrants that if your DATA is shared with any third party YOU will be properly informed. YOU hereby acknowledge that AXUR fulfills all legal requirements and grounds for proper data processing, always in compliance with good data protection practices, in accordance with applicable law. When AXUR’s processing of DATA does not fulfill any of the legal grounds, AXUR will always seek your express consent.

    7.6. YOU are aware that AXUR’s technical staff, comprised of internal and/or third-party staff, are responsible for administering the security and reliability of MYPWD.IO and USER DATA, which is why YOU agree that the staff may have access to the DATA.

    7.7. All members of the technical staff undertake to keep under strict confidentiality all commercial, accounting, administrative, technological, infrastructural, technical information, i.e. any DATA disclosed to each other as a result of the maintenance of the operation and security of MYPWD.IO, refraining from using it for their own benefit or of others.

    7.8. It is the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts and legal bodies of the Brazilian territory to reasonably request to MYPWD.IO the provision of DATA or other information of the USER that demonstrably disrespect the terms and conditions herein and the legal provisions applicable thereto, reserving to AXUR the right to provide the DATA or information to the relevant legal bodies, provided that it is reasonably required.

  • 8.1. All materials, patents, trademarks, registrations, domains, names, privileges, creations, images and all rights related to MYPWD.IO and/or developed by AXUR are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of AXUR, and the USERS agree not to perform any act or fact which in any way undermines the rights set forth herein or to claim any rights or privileges therein.

    8.2. AXUR may change this instrument at any time by publishing a revised version on our website. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you always visit this section of our website. We want YOU to always be aware of the content of these TERMS OF USE, and, for that reason, if we change this document, we will send you an email containing the current wording of the TERMS OF USE.

    8.3. This instrument constitutes the full understanding between YOU and AXUR and is governed by Brazilian Laws, and the courts of the city of Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, are hereby elected as the only jurisdiction to settle matters arising from this instrument, with express waiver of any other, however privileged it may be.

Terms and Privacy Policy